Welcome to Brigadiers Cottage , Mussoorie , India

Brigadiers Cottage

The Brigadiers Cottage is an old beautiful cottage recently been renovated and restored to its original glory and is nestled in acres and acres of woods (yet within walking distance to the Main road at Kempty ) with beautifully landscaped lawns, barbeque areas, bonfire areas the property even has a temple in the grounds. The property is also pet-friendly.

The Brigadiers Cottage has a large lounge with heavy and relaxing furniture, a well-stocked library and a cosy fireplace to sit around and enjoy indoor games like carom, chess, cards, and other board games… or general gossip over a few drinks in the evening.

The Brigadiers cottage has now been thrown open so that we can share all that we have. Today’s kids grow up in small stuffy concrete cages, where milk comes from a bag and eggs in a carton, polluted and poisoned air. We offer huge, open spaces with lawns, kitchen gardens with chirping birds, barking deer, wild fowl and many other forms of wildlife; the air was clean and the day was spent outdoors, in healthy fresh air, pure milk, honey, butter…When you come to the Brigadiers Cottage, we would like to share with you what is clean, green and pristine; enjoy the fresh air, water, hikes, and most importantly. Enjoy the time you spend here with family.


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